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United Kingdom Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO)

United Kingdom Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO)

United Kingdom Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO)



The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office was created in September 2020, following the merger of the Foreign and Commonwealth Officer (FCO) with the Department for International Development (DFID). It is the government department that leads the UK’s foreign policy.  The FCDO promotes the interests of British citizens, safeguards the UK’s security, defends UK values, reduces poverty and tackle global challenges with international partners.

The FCDO leads the UK Government’s response to humanitarian emergencies in developing

countries, working with other UK Government Departments, international organisations, aid agencies and Governments of those countries affected. It provides critical resources in response to humanitarian emergencies, including supporting Standby Partnership deployments.

Involvement with SBP


The FCDO funds emergency Standby Partnership deployments primarily through our 4 NGO partners: CANADEM, DRC, NRC and RedR Australia. This enables the FCDO to access a broad range of expertise and high-quality candidates to be selected from the four databases.

SBP is managed on behalf of FCDO, by staff from the Humanitarian, Stabilisation Operation Team (HSOT), a Palladium project, that is funded by UK AID/FCDO.

FCDO has been contributing and engaging with the SBP Network in the following ways:

  1. Financial contribution to the SBP Network, including by supporting its core staff.

  2. Participation and active engagement in at least one of the existing Working Groups.

  3. Participation and engagement at the Annual Consultation and Mid-Annual Consultation.


FCDO act as a donor within the SBP mechanism and therefore do not hold a roster of expertise to deploy within the SBP mechanism.


  1. FAO

  2. IOM


  4. UNDP

  5. UNHCR


  7. WFP

  8. WHO

  9. UN Women

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