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NORCAP solves key challenges within the humanitarian, development and peace building sectors in order to better protect the lives and rights of vulnerable populations. We build partnerships, promote more effective ways of working and provide skilled experts to develop capacity.

Involvement with SBP


NORCAP was established 30 years ago to provide the UN with urgently needed extra personnel to deliver aid and help those in need in the aftermath of the first Gulf war. We were able to deploy experts at short notice to strengthen the response. The flexibility and can-do-attitude from those early days still run in our veins. Our experts have now been on close to 10.000 missions to support partners worldwide.

However, providing additional staff is not enough. The world faces fundamental and complex challenges. The number of crises has increased, often combining social and political conflict with natural disasters exacerbated by climatic changes. Vulnerable people need more than food and shelter. They have a right to be heard and to take part in shaping responses to their own plight and futures.

In the face of these challenges, NORCAP works with and through partners to better protect the lives and rights of vulnerable populations. We do this through three core activities:

  • We develop partnerships and projects with regional and global organisations and national stakeholders. We believe that working together in a coordinated and sustainable manner is the best way to reduce needs, risks and vulnerability over time.

  • We seek and promote more effective ways of working at the global level and in the field. Our aim is not only to reduce needs, but also to create choice and opportunity for vulnerable people.

  • We deploy skilled experts develop our partners’ capacity. Given their independence from the agendas and interests of the organisations they are deployed with, our experts are well placed to identify and address challenges, improve collaboration and encourage new and innovative approaches.


  1. Coordination and leadership

  2. Peacebuilding and peacekeeping

  3. Protection

  4. Climate and clean energy

  5. Energy and resilience

  6. Cash and markets

  7. Gender based violence

  8. Education

  9. Community engagement and accountability specialists


  1. FAO

  2. IOM


  4. UNDP


  6. UNFPA

  7. UNHCR



  10. UNRWA


  12. WFP

  13. WHO

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