Frequently asked questions


I am already a member of the Standby Partnership Network. How can I contribute to the work of the SBP Network?

There are several ways of contributing to the network. Our Active Member definition explains different ways of how the SBP Network can be supported. If you are interested in making a financial contribution to the SBP Network to achieve our sustainable funding modality, please follow the directions here.

My organisation’s data is not reflected on the SBP Network Dashboard. How can I send you our data?

The SBP MEAL Coordinator contacts all our members to ensure that all dataset is up to date within the agreed parameters. We understand that sometimes, there are new elements which affect how the data is reflected. Therefore, please ensure that you let inform the SBP MEAL Coordinator of any changes in a timely manner to ensure this is accurately reflected in our dashboard. You can also touch base with the Secretariat at

What can I do if I have important information / events / training that I would like to share with the SBP Network members?

We strongly encourage our members to post any events, training initiatives and important network related information on Mobilize to ensure all our members receive those information in a timely manner. The Mobilize is also a platform where you can ask specific questions to receive thoughts from our members in a timely manner.
You also have the option of writing to the Secretariat of the event / training initiatives / information and they will administer the information sharing on behalf of you.

What is the Mobilize Platform?

The Mobilize is an information sharing platform that the SBP Network members use to share information, ask questions and invite its members to important events and training initiatives. Once your organisation is identified as a Standby Partner by one of the receiving UN Agencies, the SBP Network Coordinator will send an invitation to the identified focal point/s to be included in the closed forum. All our Working Group Members and the Steering Committee also use this platform to communicate and share information.